Social commitment is close to our heart and we are always happy to support remarkable leadership qualities. That is why we joined the network “Unternehmer für Unternehmer” (“entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs”). It was founded by Oxfam, an international organisation, which is committed to a fair world without poverty. Of special importance to us: like us, Oxfam aims to shoulder responsibility, to realise ideas and to actively shape our future in a communal spirit.

As a member of this organisation, we support women and men of poor countries in establishing an economic livelihood through their own efforts. This is the key to overcome their poverty and to create a better future for themselves, their families and for the people in their environment. Through the money they earned, they are able to provide for their families, to send their children to school, to pay medicine and medical care. Usually, these kind of small businesses also lead to new jobs, which in turn result in even more people being able to leap at the chance of a better future.

The sustainability of our support is assured by flexible resources. For in the long term, poverty can only be solved if fairer circumstances are created and people receive fast and unbureaucratic emergency relief. The women and men we are supporting do not have access to starting capital, professional education or support in the further development of their professional expertise.Usually, they do not have the ability to react to crisis situations in their environment, to influence local policy decisions and to enforce their civil rights. Together with Oxfam, we want to change that situation.

Thus, we, as Atriplex GmbH, give people who are struck by poverty a chance and stand up for a fair world without poverty.

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